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Spiritual Healing History

Spiritual Healing History

spiritual healing history

spiritual healing history

Spiritual Healing is based on Ancient Medicine

Ancient medicine dates to the dawn of man when a new understanding of the human self was achieved. Early man attributed illness to supernatural beings such as a deity, demons, witchcraft or even natural influences. Depending on the knowledge and beliefs of the day, various methods were used to treat the diseases. This prehistoric medicine used plants, some minerals and animals parts.

However, unlike the conventional medicine, this treatment was administered by specialist who used to do rituals that were made to appease the gods or calm nature’s fury that was causing the diseases/ illness. Even in case where it was considered purely supernatural, the specialist did rituals that were combined with applications of certain medicine to the patients. Diseases varied between the gender, physical location, and living standards among other factors which were translated or intertwined with the spiritual world. This formed the basis of spiritual healing.

The Egyptians hold the first record of early medicine which dates as long as 2000 B.C. they were the first people on earth to conduct successful surgery.

It was largely attributed to supernatural beings, the gods and only some given people had the power to heal the ailments with the application of medicine that was derived from herbs, animal parts and mineral soil. The Babylonians also feature in ancient medicine and their contribution is worth noting. They introduced the diagnostic handbook that described common diseases, their pathology and possible treatment. Like the early Egyptians, the ability to heal was revered since it was seen as a gift from the gods.

The Indians, the Greeks and the Romans also feature in the list. Hippocrates forms the basis of modern medicine when he introduced a new thought to the world of medicine.

The Hippocratic oath, taken by physicians, is based on his works.  He wrote several articles on medicine together with his students and medicine slowly drifted away from the spirituals part.

Despite its low reputation among modern scholars, spiritual intervention plays a very important role in healing of diseases in the modern society.

Like the ancients times, there are cases in modern world that connect the physical body to the spiritual world. The healing of certain conditions without the use of mainstream medicine has given rise to the use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

In India, the Ayurveda treatment has managed to survive despite the odds and is still in common use today.

Modern spiritual healing applies methods that help to body to completely relax. The patient is in a state of calmness and is withdrawn from the physical suffering for a time.

Whether direct intervention or indirect such meditation resulting to healing, spiritualism plays important role in modern healing. There are some cases where physicians have recommended spiritual healing to patients and have yielded positive results. Modern spiritual healing uses prayers that may be accompanied by applications of certain pastes to the patient through massage or other means. The patient may be induced into a state of lucid condition which is typical of ancient medicine.


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