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Energy Healing Approach

Energy Healing Approach

energy healing approach

energy healing approach

Recently a client of mine gave me a call. He is a lawyer and a judge in Puerto Rico. He usually calls me every year for holidays: Christmas, Happy New year, etc. This time he revealed me that the first time when he called me – he had an extreme case of anxiety back then – he picked me among many psychics because of the sound of my voice.

I was thinking how important this could be. For his rational mind, it was just a sound of my voice. Of course, he might not found the right words at the spare of the moment. The sound is only the part of the reason. It’s not only the frequency of one’s voice that makes the difference. It has to do with the entire gamut of your oral communication: intonation, pauses, the overall speed of your delivery, annunciation, your ability and readiness to listen to whoever is confides with you, and your understanding and acceptance of someone. For certain people, this could be a metaphysical sign.

Not everything is material in this world. This should be accepted if one wants to be exposed to a possibility of spiritual healing. If you beliefs prevent you from doing so, at least, make an effort to open your mind for this possibility, suspend your disbelief.

Body and mind are two parts of a whole. Weakening one part of that whole has its detrimental consequences on another one. A body trauma induces sufferings in the mind and a trauma inflicted on the mind (emotional trauma) causes problems in a body.

Nowadays – stress is one of the major sources of emotional trauma resulting in physiological problems like essential hypertension- ulcer- and even cancer -In the modern life – stress is unavoidable. It could come in emotional, intellectual, or physical varieties. We just have to find the way to deal with it.

As many threatening diseases could be the result of the mind trauma, their treatment should also transpire on the mind plane. Further, since emotional trauma attacks both the conscious and subconscious mind the healing efforts have to be directed to both parts of the mind as well. Often, people are confused. Although they are in the right place in life, they think that there is something better. Some clients are tormented by having no purpose in their lives others suffer from fears not even knowing where these fears reside. These are the major problem, which brings about anxiety, pressure and stress. To read about one of the common reasons for social anxiety click here. Many problems come because the mind of a modern person is overloaded, fragmented and clogged up with negative thoughts, emotions, and persistent associations.

The spiritual healing approach treatment should take the form of clearing – easing and freeing the mind. It now becomes a well-known fact that exercise, healthy eating and mindful healing are the ultimate treats that bring forth desirable results. However, it is in achieving those objectives that people have difficulties. Many people would wish that they could relax and enjoy themselves but this mental state only comes when we eased our mind and cleared it. The treatment that delivers sustained emotional and even physical results, in this case, is spiritual healing.

What is spiritual healing? Unlike religion practice that requires laying hands by an acclaimed person, saying prayers and expect ministration, spiritual healing requires nothing more than a regular person and an understanding of how to reach the inner self. True healing, which combines the soul, the body, and the spirit comes from the source. The spirit attracts positive energies that accelerate vibes, frequencies and completes healing that is essential for injuries caused by crises.


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