Bea Kobran, Holistic Therapist

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Bea Kobran, Holistic Therapist

Bea Kobran, Holistic Therapist

 About me, I started a higher-level of seeing, feeling and hearing at a very early age.  This extra-sensory perception made me somewhat an unusual child and teenager…but it gradually and steadily crafted me into the gifted healer who I am today.  At the autumn of my life,  I am finally feeling “at home,” living the life that was patiently waiting for me to experience: a life of helping and healing as a psychic healer.

This journey “home” toward intuitive healing has taken great time and patience.  A proud mother of two daughters and a grand-mother of four, my life was a continuous path of learning, travels, and deep connections with people and experiences as I honed my skills to openly express my inner-wisdom and apply my gifts to help mankind. Our mind-set is ruled by a culture that did not allowed to accept the realm of the mind. Reason why we only use 5% to 10% of it. 

Like a life-coach and counselor, my joy is using a variety of vibrational healing and spiritual tools to support my client’s well-being and personal growth. I love seeing the light come on behind a client’s smile as he/she discovers the next step on the path to what they want and need.  I help my clients discover answers about healing and living a better life.  We work through well-known approaches including yoga, exercise, meditations, visualizations and more .  But I also integrate more powerful techniques that have taken years to understand and master.  These techniques include ascension symptoms, crystal vibration, pranic breathing, sound frequency, master initiations, karma and dharma, chakra balancing, quantum physics, and more.

 Born with compassion, empathy and love, my long journey toward becoming a psychic and intuitive healer has been guided by long time self-thought research and few wonderful mentors.  One of these special people is my loving husband Robert Kobran, with his infinite source of support and understanding, which gives me daily inspiration. It’s this mix of special people, rich experiences, and nature’s gift of healing, that helps me feel “at home” wherever I am…while remaining connected to others and helping the world in my special way.

                                                                                                                Bea Kobran