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Aura Energy Fields – Colors

Aura Energy Fields – Colors Aura Energy Fields colors are a clear reflection of our attitudes – moods – habits – actions and views depend on the kind of energy fields that circulates around our body.  One can judge whether this energy flow is in balance or not

Girma A. Testimonial Part3

How the treatment was progressing Astral Body I talked to many other psychics and was turned off because you immediately realize that you are given a sales pitch. In fact, they usually were telling me that I had a problem before finding out what the problem was. It’s important to deve

Kundalini Energy

How can I help a person who came to visit me? I work with astral projections and with the three bodies that surround a person, physical, emotional and spiritual or astral. Simply put, the astral body is the informational component of your personality – the place where all your feeling