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Energy Healing Against Processed Food

ENERGY HEALING AGAINST PROCESSED FOOD You may ask yourself “what does food has to do with our spiritual life”? Well to tell you the truth, a lot! The food you eat endows your AURA.  Thus … you are what you eat. Food brings nutrients to your bloodstream and consequently activates your

Depression – Girma A. Testimonial Part 1

Depression – The case of a severe depression Since birth, I lived in an orphanage in Ethiopia. The personnel in the orphanage wasn’t especially cruel or nasty, but rather indifferent – just did their job without a special enthusiasm, compassion or interest toward kids. In

Girma A. Testimonial Part 4

The problem of depression defined in astral terms The missing colors of the Aura In the beginning, Girma  was waking up in the middle of the night. He used to tell me “The worst is when I wake up. I didn’t want to get out of bed and until 11 o’clock I didn’t want to speak. At 11 o’clo

Depression – Testimonial Part 2

How is it to live through depression? As I said earlier, depression drenches the pleasure away from your life like a sponge. None of the things that I enjoy when I feel good like music, food, or books are pleasurable while I am in a depressive state. Life makes no sense. I think that