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Energy Healing Against Processed Food

ENERGY HEALING AGAINST PROCESSED FOOD You may ask yourself “what does food has to do with our spiritual life”? Well to tell you the truth, a lot! The food you eat endows your AURA.  Thus … you are what you eat. Food brings nutrients to your bloodstream and consequently activates your

Aura colors change when you’re in love

Aura colors change when you’re in Love Literally, the colors of the aura change when you’re in love!.  The heart is the core of human mechanism where blood is pumped into it and provides impact for the proper blood circulation.  This blood circulation creates impacts to th

Energy Detachment

Energy Detachment Energy detachment is necessary to remove negative spiritual entities, or demons. The first step is to spiritual energy detachment. Many times an emotional contact contact with a family member, create an attachment point. A cord of energy or chakra that goes from your

Energy Healing

Energy Healing Why Energy Healing? To an inexperienced onlooker, it might seem that the answers to inquiries I receive from my students and followers come to me easily.  Believe me, it’s not all that cut and dry.  It took me a lifetime of learning, to master the science and art of spi

Energy Healing in Crisis Time

During crisis times, one of the major effects that those directly involved as well as those indirectly involved in trauma. With the many crises, especially now in the world; from the terror caused by Isis and the massive invasion of immigrants, trauma and other crisis related effects