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Girma A. Testimonial Part 5

Cured! Today, the planner that I was, the guy who always was obsessed and anticipated all the risks, is not here anymore. Often times I even have to remind myself “Did you do this or that?” I’ve become more carefree and happy as an oppose to before, when I had to overprotect, over com

Energy Healing -Three Steps

Energy Healing – Three Steps The first thing in a healing process is to bring balance to the energy centers.  To undertake this task – a healer must have a keen perception and knowledge of the metaphysical world – Specifically- this operation requires a proficiency i


Anxiety – A man gets this message since he is born – you are going to be the provider. It’s like a commandment, the commandment that becomes a threat in his life.  He fears – I will not be a provider!  What would happen if I am not going to be the provider?  This commandment was

Psychic social stigma

Skeptics – The Social Stigma Psychics and Healers have being historically rejected by religions and media- Till nowadays no one wants to admit that help could come from a spiritual healer- let alone a psychic. Several years ago a young man wanted to know if his mom would be rele