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Tarot Reading

tarot reading

tarot reading

As I said earlier, Tarot is one of the tools I use.  Each of 78 Tarot cards relates to one number, one letter, and some object.  For example the sun or the moon. Each has a meaning and a relation to the energy around us and our values.  I use Tarots to answer your question.  However, at times during the reading, I could have a message that has little to do with the question that you asking.

One of my customers came to my session bringing with him a book, containing the meaning of all Tarot cards.  However, Tarot cards didn’t speak to him and he couldn’t connect their meanings in one coherent narrative.  That is because Tarot cards are only the tool that helps me to obtain the requested information.  In a metaphysical sense, they are like login credentials that open a locked door, behind which there is some information.  Only Instead of one pair of login ID and password that could open one door, a different configuration of cards open different doors.

During a session of tarot reading – the card configuration helps me to focus and channel my energy.  Then the answer comes on its own.  In regards to business, for example, making this or that decision.

I have clients all over the World.  One of my African clients was very enthusiastic about this one business move.  Some of his compatriots were buying heavy equipment in the US and were sending it back to the mother country.  At the time this was a great idea and many people made money doing this.  So my client was ready to invest much of his savings into this venture.  However, when I looked at his cards I told him that he should wait for about six months because if he’d undertaken this purchase immediately, he was going to suffer some losses.

My client listened and six or seven months after this warning, the government of his country decided to bring from China thousands of these machines.  This, of course, crushed all the private entrepreneurs who made the investment in this machinery.  It would have been a serious loss for my client as well.  If you were to ask me what these cards were, I wouldn’t be able to tell you for sure.

I’m constantly offering classes and workshops on Tarot for Intuitive Development – There is a vivid interest in public in learning how to open their “third eye” or intuitive ability. People are craving this knowledge and not many teachers are prepared to “spread” this wisdom.  In my opinion, there are two ways of reading Tarot:

  1. The intellectual knowledge allowing to learn the meaning and archetypes of the Tarots.
  2. Opening your pineal gland to the practice of Intuition.

The perfect way to proceed is to apply both. My classes are oriented to open the intuitive channel or “stay with the first impression” without reason processing.

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