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The Power of Stillness

The Power of Stillness

the power of stillness

the power of stillness

You probably have seen or heard someone say he/she wants to be left alone whenever they are mad or as angered by something, you probably do, right? Well, subconsciously, we practice the power of stillness.

Stillness is not just about movement, but also sound, you will realize the two are closely related because once there is movement, sound follows. It is therefore no wonder that, whenever you are overwhelmed and you spent some time alone in stillness, you are able to cool down or simply clear up your mind and make a better and more focused decision.

So, how is the power of stillness useful and how does it work?

The power of stillness allows you to be at home with yourself and overcome the conscious part of the brain that is limiting and biased and access the all powerful subconscious. This way, you are able to find solutions for some of the hard issues in your life, you are able to come up with more viable and suitable ideas, and are able to overcome anger, doubt, fear, as well as any other negative energy. In addition, the power of stillness allows better concentration in the general life hence better productivity. You probably have found silence notices in hospitals, exam rooms, and courts, why are these important? They help in increasing concentration hence decreasing distractions and increasing productivity. In healthcare, and holistic healthcare specifically, the power of stillness comes in handy. By maintaining stillness a patient is able to access healing power from the source and use it to heal the body.

The power of stillness is also used in the healing process to direct the healing power to a specific part of the body, communicate with it and transmit healing power. In natural healing sites, the power of stillness is a primary factor.

The power of stillness is experienced and highly used in meditation, yoga, and reiki among other modalities.

The advantages of stillness are quite practical and are not only limited to the medieval practices of the mock’s culture. For instance, by practicing stillness in the workplace you are able to focus better by attracting more peaceful energy to yourself.

Second, the power of stillness in your day to day life gives you more power and ability to focus, longer, and better especially if you are under pressure. Stillness according to psychologies place a solacing role to the soul and as a result, you are able to express yourself better, be at home with yourself, and connect better with your output powers, strengths, and muscles.

Stillness is a major tool for all modalities of healing practice. It is therefore disheartening that today; people are doing away with stillness and becoming a ‘noisy generation’.  



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